Periodical Publication and Multimedia Journalism

Institute of Publishing and Journalism
Information about the Educational Program


  • Bachelor

Code of training direction

Name of the training direction / speciality


  • Intramural form of study - 202 000 RUB (for 2020)
  • Part-time form of study - 100 000 RUB (for 2020)

Duration of training

  • Intramural form of study - 4 years
  • Part-time form of study - 5 years

Entrance tests and minimum points

  • Essay — 40
  • Interview — 40
  • Russian language — 50
  • Literature — 50

Number of places for paid tution

  • Intramural form of study - 50
  • Part-time form of study - 25

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available
About the program
Program Questions
Results of Russian and literature State exam, internal tests: essay on Russian language and Literature and Interview.
The exam is offered three or four topics : the first topic in Russian literature of the first half of the nineteenth century; the second topic is about Russian literature of the second half of the nineteenth century; the third topic is about Russian literature of the XX century; the fourth is about Russian Literature of XX century (works for choice of University applicant).
Applicants are offered a choice of 3 topics, 40 minutes given to get prepared, then in turn, the applicants answer the selected topic to the members of the examination Committee. During the interview, the applicant may be asked additional questions.
Points are not added, but applicants with professional experience in the media usually get higher scores at the interview.

The skills you get

Methods for creating various types of multimedia texts and their application in mass media

Creating and using various types of static and dynamic infographics in a multimedia environment

Searching and structuring information, transforming it in accordance with the requirements of various genres

Career after training

Positions of graduates "Periodical Publication and Multimedia Journalism"

Correspondent, press officer, copywriter, news producer, content manager.
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