Information Security Automated Systems

Faculty: Faculty of Information Technologies
State Diploma
State accreditation
Start accepting documents
June 20, 2019
End of acceptance of documents
July 10 - to budget places
August 14 - to paid places
Entrance tests
July 1 - July 20
Information about the Educational Program


  • Specialist of Information Security

Specialty Code


  • Intramural form of study - 250 000 RUB (for 2020)

Duration of training

  • Intramural form of study - 5 years

Number of places for free tution

  • Intramural form of study - 25

Number of places for paid tution

  • Intramural form of study - 5

Main building

  • Moscow, Bolshaya Semyonovskaya St., 38, Block N

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available

Additional Information

  • * WS-the result of a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills Russia standards, passed by a graduate with secondary vocational education according to the proper enlarged groups of specialties (see paragraph 2.2.7 of the admission Rules).
About the program
Program Questions
In the context of international cyber threats, specialists need to get information about new cyber threats as soon as possible. Most of this information is initially generated in English. The curriculum includes foreign language courses from the first semester to the penultimate one. The presence or early acquisition of reading skills in English is highly desirable for students. The subjects and main educational materials are presented in Russian, and additional literature and information resources are often studied in the original language — in English.
We receive school graduates from all over the country and abroad. The level of programming is different for everyone: some students almost did not learn it in computer science classes, others have mastered Pascal at the initial level, very rarely C/C++. The educational program provides an end-to-end cycle in programming and development languages, starting with the study of programming languages, mathematical logic and algorithm theory, moving into the development of information systems and reverse engineering of software tools.

The skills you get

Collection, processing, analysis and systematization of scientific and technical information on the issues of information security of automated systems

Preparation of scientific and technical reports, reviews, reports, publications based on the results of research

Analysis of information security in automated systems and security of implemented information technologies

Development of information security policies for automated systems

Administration and recovery of information security systems in case of failures

Instrumental monitoring of system security

Development of protected automated systems in the field of professional activity, justification of the choice of methods and means of protection of information and technological resources of automated systems

Implementation of projects for creating programs, software packages, hardware and software, databases, computer networks for secure automated systems

Development of systems of information security management in automated systems

Monitoring the workability and effectiveness of used information security tools

Performing experimental research in the certification of information security tools and certification of automated systems

Conducting instrumental monitoring of security in automated systems and analyzing its results

Organization of the team's work, making management decisions in the context of a range of opinions, determining the order of work

Organizational and methodological support of information security of automated systems

Organization of work on the creation, implementation, operation and maintenance of secure automated systems; monitoring the implementation of information security policy

Implementation of information technologies in the field of professional activity using secure automated systems

Administration of information security subsystems of automated systems

Monitoring information security of automated systems

Information security management of automated systems

Ensuring the restoration of information security systems in case of emergency situations

Career after training

Information security analyst

Develops rules for event correlation, monitors and analyzes information security events, analyzes and responds to incidents, searches for, analyzes and coordinates vulnerabilities, and provides information support to users.

Engineer for implementing network security solutions

Implements, configures, and maintains information security tools and network equipment: firewalls (FW), intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and crypto gateways (VPNs). Provides advice to the company's clients on the operation of information security tools.
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