Программы обучения (EN)

Institute of Print Media and Information Technologies
State Diploma
State accreditation
Information about the Educational Program


  • Bachelor


  • Intramural form of study - 227 000 RUB (for 2020)
  • Part-time form of study - 100 000 RUB (for 2020)

Duration of training

  • Intramural form of study - 4
  • Part-time form of study - 5

Entrance tests and minimum points

  • Computer science and ICT — 50
  • Mathematics/WS* — 39
  • Russian language — 46

Number of places for free tution

  • Intramural form of study - 140

Number of places for paid tution

  • Intramural form of study - 30
  • Part-time form of study - 30

Main building

  • Moscow, Pryanishnikova Street, 2A

Head of educational program

  • Dmitriy G.Demidov

The admission for foreign citizens

  • Available
About the program
In all spheres of science and technology there is an active introduction of information technology. The most important areas of activity for graduate bachelors is the research, development, implementation and maintenance of information technologies and systems in the media industry. Our graduates have programming skills in C, C ++, C #, PHP, JavaScript, Java, are able to develop MySQL and MS-SQL database management systems, configure the technical means of information systems before putting them into operation.
State-funded Places

The skills you get

Creation, implementation and maintenance of information technologies and systems in various areas of the media industry

Ways of development of application software, including for mobile devices

The principles of using technologies for developing cross-platform applications and database management systems

Methods for ensuring the security of information systems and technologies

Career after training

Programming Engineer

from 100 thousand
Salary, ₽
Designing solutions and software architecture for control systems, developing flowcharts for managing technological equipment, participating in commissioning, developing interfaces.

Systems Analyst

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽

Data Engineer

from 70 thousand
Salary, ₽

Develops software products based on the knowledge base of a specific subject area and capable of solving complex problems requiring the development of new logical connections and the search for non-standard solutions.

IS Architect

from 80 thousand
Salary, ₽

Designs databases, develops algorithms for the functioning of a software product. Provides effective user access to data Controls the quality of data storage, storage logic and the principle of information extraction.

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