February 2021

Our best research team and its victories

The Center of CAD development won Moscow Poly “Pik” annual prize in the nomination “The best research team”. In 2020 the Center won the grant “UMNIK” (500 000 rubles) and Forge Research grant from Autodesk (3000$). Moreover, the Center team won the Autodesk Forge Hackathon in “Honorable Mention” nomination.


We had a chat with a Center representative and found out about the history of its creation, plans for the future and goals of Moscow Poly best research team.


By Andrei Arkhipov, a 4th year student of Moscow Poly IT-technologies faculty (“Integration and programming in CAD”educational program). About the CAD-development Center history of creation


We, students of “Integration and programming in CAD” program, were extremely interested in creation inside a virtual world: 3D-models, component parts catalogues, interactive graphics and cloud storages.


All these technologies are available for students – you just need to get on a PC, write a code and create!


Andrei U. Filippovich, our Dean, built up a creative atmosphere on the IT-faculty, and now we keep up with the times. Our professors quickly seized our initiative and provided us with all the best!


For example, Anastasia A. Kovaleva organized the hackathon and invited the experts from “ASKON”, and with the help of our academic advisor, Anton V. Tolstikov, we managed to discuss projects details and applied for the grant. Ilya S. Lavrenenko, a WorldSkills expert, helped us with 3D-models creating and with the help of Andrei V. Djunkovskii we got a coordinate-measuring machine and created for it our own program.


We decided to combine our forces under the name “The Center of CAD development” (The Center of computer-aided design systems development). We created our website with different projects, a YouTube channel, an information portal and a group on Vkontante.

About team work and Center achievements


In my opinion, we have two main achievements: the grant from “UMNIK” (a special fund that supports small industries in the research field) and the other grant (Forge Research) from Autodesk.


We won 3 Autodesk Forge hackathons. Our students are invited to work in “C3D Labs”, to participate in different forums, dedicated to Industry 4.0 and even to assess projects on the hackathons from IT-HUB.


About our goals and plans for the future


Our main team goal is to provide our students with decent portfolios. We unite in order to participate in competitions, conferences, projects in order to share the experience of C3D Toolkit geometric kernel, Qt libraries, Autodesk Forge, Three.js and other technologies usage.


We are planning to create the biggest center of engineering software development.


We also plan to win “START” grant (a special fund that supports small industries in the research field) and add more educational content on our information portal.

About difficulties in scientific work and their overcoming


Developing in the research field without the help of experienced academic advisors is extremely difficult. I strongly recommend you to address your professors, if you want to start your own way in science!


Advice for students, who would like to join our team


Contact us right now! A new semester, new projects and achievements are waiting!

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